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Located lower in Northern Thailand, Sukhothai is a province with important historical sites, beautiful mountains and forests. Sukhothai Historical Park and Si Satchanalai Historical Park are two destinations not to be missed, belonging to a UNESCO World Heritage Site that keeps traces of Sukhothai Kingdom from the 12th to 14th centuries: Wat Si Chum, Wat Maha That, Wat Si Sawai , Wat Chang Lom Si Satchanalai, Wat Traphang Thong, ... If you want to hike in the forest or climb the peaks, go to Ramkhamhaeng National Park, about 30 km southwest of Thani.

Travel guide

Time to visit

The period from November to February is the favourable time to travel to Sukhothai as the weather is mostly dry and cool with little rain. From May to July: it is blazing hot, uncomfortable to get around. Between July and October: there is heavy and constant rain which traditionally reaches peak levels in August and September.


Sukhothai has many accommodation options including motels, homestays, luxurious resorts, and traditional bungalows. Expect to pay between 20 – 50 USD per night no matter where you choose to stay, as most visitors to the region are just passing through on their way to Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Phitsanulok, or Chiang Mai.


Along the road to the historical park, you will see a string of local food stalls and tourist-oriented food establishments. Rember to try the Sukhothai-style noodle, which is a mouth-watering plate of rice noodles with crispy pork, herbs in a slightly sweet broth.

Transport options

Songthaews, tuk-tuks, motorcycles, bicycles.

Songthaews run between New Sukhothai and Sukhothai Historical Park with the fare of 1 – 2 USD/30 minutes. Another suitable way to get around the historical park is by bicycle. Bikes can be hired at shops outside the park entrance for 1 USD for 5 hours. Motorbikes (from 7 USD/day) can be rented at many guesthouses in New Sukhothai. Tuk-tuks are also available around here, costing about 20 USD for a trip to the Old City (15 km out of town).

How to get to Sukhothai

Bangkok – Sukhothai: 427 km
Chiang Mai – Sukhothai: 307 km
Chiang Rai – Sukhothai: 410 km

There are direct flights from Bangkok to Sukhothai Airport every day, which take you about 1.5 hours.

Catch a train from Bangkok to Phitsanulok (7 hours). From Phitsanulok train station, take a local bus or tuk-tuk to Sukhothai (1 hour).

Tourists can easily find daily buses connecting Sukhothai with Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Chiang Rai. The traveling time is 7, 5, and 9 hours respectively.

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