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The world’s largest island country, Indonesia, is a utopia of some 17,000 volcanic islands brimming with picturesque tropical beaches, vivid coral reefs, lush rainforests, remote tribes, and exotic wildlife. Bali invites visitors to indulge in the luxury 5-star beach resorts and high-end villas of Jimbaran Bay, the cultural and spiritual beauty of Ubud, and dramatically positioned temples against a backdrop of sea cliffs, rice terraces, and mountains. Java holds 4 of the 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites found in the country, in particular the magnificent Borobudur Temple. To the east of Bali is Indonesia’s greatest natural treasure, the Komodo National Park, where Komodo dragons roam their own part of the world.

Capital: Jakarta
Language: Indonesian
Population: 266.7 million (2018)
Currency: Indonesian rupiah (Rp)
Time zone: UTC+7 to UTC+9
Calling code: +62

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